Our Mission

Ocean Strike Team is an organization that provides opportunities for ocean lovers to get involved in ocean conservation and citizen science and research through eco-tourism experiences and action. We lead trips and programs that give people the ability to get hands on with ocean conservation issues. We ask the questions that need to be asked, and search for the true answer. 

We work to accomplish this using three tenets as our guide


First and foremost, we are an organization of action. The ocean cannot protect itself. It needs divers in the water cleaning the reefs, removing lionfish and doing something. Not just talking about it. We lead campaigns to motivate people to get involved and give them the first step toward protecting the environment, and then provide an avenue to pursue their interests further.


A big part of activism is educating the public about the problems facing our oceans and raising awareness and pressure to take action. We educate the public by providing truthful and accurate information to dive clubs, legislators, civic organizations and the general public. Knowledge is power, and when someone is taught how to preserve what they love, they become a powerful force.


To effect real change, you need real facts. We are committed to finding answers to tough problems, exploring areas that need investigation, and helping other research institutions collect data and share the findings from our research projects. We also inspire the next generation of scientists through internship programs and opportunities that people often don’t have access to.


Ocean Strike Team

Ocean Strike Team is a non-profit organization that teaches ocean lovers how to protect the ocean through volunteerism and citizen science. Our goal is to introduce people to conservation work and get them excited about saving our oceans. We teach divers how to remove invasive lionfish, conduct non-invasive shark surveys, gather data on water quality, lead underwater marine debris, beach cleanups, and other activities. We challange people to do something and not sit idly by while our prescious ocean is polluted and ravaged. We can make a difference, and it starts with you!

Wherever the ocean needs us, we send in a strike team of trained volunteers and citizen scientists to help.

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